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2020-(B)Other Journal Articles With Referees

  • Shu-Perng Hwang, accepted, “Volkswille: Reale Substanz oder notwendige Fiktion? Ernst-Wolfgang Böckenförde und Hans Kelsen im Vergleich”, Der Staat, 59.
  • 張永健,accepted,〈繼承標的之一般理論——中國民法總則第124條未回答的問題〉,《清華法律評論》。 ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, accepted, “A General Theory of Estate: The Unanswered Question by China's General Principle Part of the Civil Code”, Tsinghua Law Review)
  • 張永健*、蔣侃學、許菁芳,2020,〈誰是法界廖添丁?法扶律師的量化與質性實證研究〉,《法律扶助與社會期刊》,第4期,頁25-55。 ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, Ivan Kan-hsueh Chiang, and Ching-fang Hsu, 2020, “Who Are Robin Hood Lawyers? Quantitative and Qualitative Studies on Legal Aid Lawyers in Taiwan”, Legal Aid and Society Review, Volume 4, pp.25-55)
  • 蘇彥圖,未出版,〈公民投票時間〉,《憲政時代》,第44卷第3期。
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