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2019-Conference Papers

  • 張永健,2019,〈Do Judges Matter? An Empirical Study of State Courts in the U.S.〉,發表於實證法演講系列,臺灣臺北:中研院人社中心,2019-12-27。
  • Yun-chien Chang*, David Ta-wei Hung, Chang-ching Lin , Joseph Tao-yi Wang,2019,〈Emotional Bargaining After Litigation: An Experimental Study of the Coase Theorem〉,發表於Asian Law and Society Association 2019 Annual Meeting,Osaka, Japan:Osaka University,2019-12-12 ~ 2019-12-15。
  • Cheng-Yi Huang, 2019, “Healing the Past or Settling Accounts - The DPP’s Approach to Transitional Justice”, paper presented at Workshop on Navigating in Stormy Waters: Taiwan During the First Administration of Tsai Ing-wen, Tübingen, Germany: CCKF-ERCCT, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen and the Taiwan Studies Programme at the University of Nottingham, 2019-12-13 ~ 2019-12-14.
  • Cheng-Yi Huang, 2019, “Imposed Peoplehood and Political Mobilization of Constitutional Amendment in Japan”, paper presented at 8th Asian Constitutional Law Forum (ACLF) “Asian Constitutional Law: Recent Developments and Trends”, Honoi, Vietnam: School of Law, Vietnam National University, 2019-12-06 ~ 2019-12-07.
  • Tzung-Mou Wu, 2019, “Irrigation Groups and Land Survey in Japanese Formosa: Focus on Infrastructure-related Rights”, 18 pages, paper presented at ALSA 2019 4th Annual Conference, Osaka, Japan: Osaka University, 2019-12-12 ~ 2019-12-15.
  • Chang-ching Lin, Yun-chien Chang,2019,〈Learning or Networking? A Causal Examination of Changing in Reversal Rates〉,發表於大數據與小數據的對話,中國南京:東南大學,2019-12-21。
  • Chien-Chih Lin, 2019, “Proportionality in Taiwan”, paper presented at Proportionality in Asia, Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, 2019-12-10 ~ 2019-12-11.
  • Yun-chien Chang & Daniel Klerman, 2019, “Settlement Rates Around the World”, paper presented at Asian Law and Society Association 2019 Annual Meeting, Osaka, Japan: Osaka University, 2019-12-12 ~ 2019-12-15.
  • 張永健,2019,〈主題發言——比較法與法律實證研究:方法論的多重交錯〉,發表於大數據與小數據的對話,中國南京:東南大學,2019-12-21。
  • 簡資修,2019,〈契約法律作為預設規定?〉,發表於中研院法律所個人學術研討會,台北:中研院法律所,2019-12-24。
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