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2019-(A+B+C) Subtotal for Publications With Referees

  • Shu-Perng Hwang, 2019, “Foreign Law, Democracy, and Constitutional Interpretation: A German-American Comparison”, German Law Journal, 20(8), 1119-1139.
  • 黃舒芃,2019,〈從「法與政治的二元對立」論Carl Schmitt對當代德國憲法學的影響〉,《輔仁法學》,第58期,頁39-97。(TSSCI)
  • 張永健*、吳從周,2019,〈逝者的公寓大廈——靈骨塔的契約與物權安排問題〉,《臺大法學論叢》,第48卷第4期,頁1967-2021。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang & Chung-Jau Wu, 2019, “High-rise for the Dead: The Problematic Contractual and Property Arrangements Regarding Columbarium Pagoda”, National Taiwan University Law Journal)
  • 陳舜伶,2019,〈網路與國家監控 資訊服務中介者的角色、功能與作為〉,黃應貴、林開世編,《政治的消融與萌生:新自由主義國家的治理效應》,頁146-190,台北市:群學。
  • 黃詩淳、張永健*,2019,〈「一身專屬性」之理論建構:以保證契約之繼承為重心〉,《中研院法學期刊》,第25期,頁285-353。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Siehchuen Huang & Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “A General Theory of Inheritability: Guaranty Contract as a Prime Example”, Academia Sinica Law Journal, Issu 25, pp.285-353)
  • 王鵬翔*、張永健,2019,〈論經濟分析在法學方法之運用〉,《臺大法學論叢》,第48卷第3期,第791-871。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Peng-Hsiang Wang & Yun-chien Chang, 2019, “On the Use of Economic Analysis in Legal Methodology”, National Taiwan University Law Journal)
  • Chien-Liang Lee, 2019, “Bedeutung der Rechtsdogmatik für die Rechtsvergleichung”, editor(s): Schorkopf/Starck (Hrsg.), Rechtsvergleichung – Sprache – Rechtsdogmatik, pp. 19-39, Germany: Nomos.
  • 李建良,2019,〈正當防衛、比例原則與特別犧牲–刑法與憲法的思維方法與理路比較〉,《月旦法學雜誌》,第291期,頁26-48。
  • Chien Liang Lee, 2019, “Interaction between Administrative Due Process and Effective Judicial Protection based on the EIAs: A Comparison of Taiwan and German Law”, The Taiwan Law Review, Special Issue on Environmental Law, 5-28.
  • Wen-Tsong Chiou, 2019, “What Roles Can Lay Citizens Play in the Making of Public Knowledge?”, EAST ASIAN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, 13(2). (Scopus, TSSCI)
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