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2018-(A)SSCI/TSSCI Journal Articles With Referees

  • 張永健,2018,〈財產權的限制與補償:新理論分析框架〉,《人文及社會科學集刊》,第30卷第4期,頁505-535。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, 2018, “The Limitation and Compensation of Property Rights: A New Theoretical Framework”, Journal of Social Sciences and Philosophy, 30(4): 505–535)
  • Yu-Hsin Lin, Yun-chien Chang*, 2018, “An Empirical Study of Corporate Default Rules and Menus in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan”, JOURNAL OF EMPIRICAL LEGAL STUDIES, 15(4), 875-915. (SSCI) (IF: 1.528; SSCI ranking: 22.1%)
  • Yun-chien Chang*, Ke Xu, 2018, “Decentralized and Anomalous Interpretation of Chinese Private Law: Understanding a Bureaucratic and Political Judicial System”, MINNESOTA LAW REVIEW, 102(4), 1527-1562. (SSCI) (IF: 2.207; SSCI ranking: 12.1%)
  • 王鵬翔,2018,〈法律的根據與法律義務的性質〉,《政治與社會哲學評論》,第65卷,頁91-154。(TSSCI)
  • 黃舒芃,2018,〈若隱若現的立法形成自由:婚姻自由的保證抑或障礙?—評司法院釋字第748號解釋—〉,《輔仁法學》,第55卷,頁1-48。(TSSCI)
  • 吳全峰、董鈺琪,2018,〈民眾對全民健保給付合理論責機制之態度調查〉,《台灣公共衛生雜誌》,第37卷第2期,頁166-181。(TSSCI)
  • Chien-Chih Lin, 2018, “(Book Review) The Constitution of Taiwan: A Contextual Analysis”, ICON-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, 16(2), 702-706. (SSCI) (IF: 0.896; SSCI ranking: 47.7%)
  • 蘇彥圖,2018,〈司法審查作為憲政工程:結構最小主義的工法建議〉,《中研院法學期刊》,第22卷,頁1-76。(TSSCI) (Su, Yen-Tu, 2018, “Judicial Review as Constitutional Engineering: A Structural Minimalist Approach”, Academia Sinica Law Journal)
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