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2017-(E)Books or Articles in Books Without Referees

  • Chien-Liang Lee, 2017, “Rechtsrezeption und chinesische Sprache”, editor(s): Karl-E. Hain, Wanderungen und Wandlungen des Rechts, pp. 35-65, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.
  • 張永健,2017,〈日本1952年到2015年民事訴訟的實證描述與解釋〉,民法研究基金會編,《民事法的學思歷程與革新取徑——吳啟賓前院長八秩華誕祝壽論文集》,頁187-206,臺北:新學林。 ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, 2017, “Empirical Description and Explanation of Civil Lawsuits in Japan, 1952–2015”, editor(s): Civil Law Research Foundation, Festschrift for Honorable Chief Judge WU Chii-Pin, 臺北: 新學林)
  • Shu-Perng Hwang, 2017, “Does Formal Rank Matter? A Framework-Oriented View on the Binding Force of International Human Rights Law on Constitutional Law”, editor(s): Yumiko Nakanishi, Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Law: Europe and Asia, pp. 91-105, Singapore: Springer.
  • 簡資修,2017,《經濟推理與法律》,共403頁,台北:元照。
  • 廖福特,2017,〈禁止種族歧視、優越及仇恨 — 從個人申訴案件探討《消除種族歧視公約》第4條之實踐〉,陳荔彤教授六秩晉五華誕論文集編輯委員會編,《國際法與國內法的一元論 陳荔彤教授六秩晉五華誕祝壽論文集(上冊)》,頁191-229,台北:瑞興。
  • 李建良,2017,〈行政程序法的秩序理念與思維理路—行政法體系構成的方法論反思〉,李建良編,《人民與國家關係的變遷》,頁317-358,台北:元照。
  • Yun-chien Chang, 2017, “Eminent Domain Law in Taiwan: New Law, Old Practice?”, editor(s): Iljoong Kim, Hojun Lee, Ilya Somin, Eminent Domain: A Comparative Perspective, pp. 93–117, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Cheng-Yi Huang, 2017, “Judicial Deference to Agency’s Discretion in New Democracies: Observations on constitutional decisions in Poland, Taiwan, and South Africa”, editor(s): Susan Rose-Ackerman, Peter L. Lindseth, and Blake Emerson, Comparative Administrative Law, pp. 478-496, UK: Edward Elgar.
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