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2017-(A)SSCI/TSSCI Journal Articles With Referees

  • Yu-Hsin Lin, Yun-chien Chang, 2017, “Does Mandating Cumulative Voting Weaken Controlling Shareholders? A Difference-in-differences Approach”, International Review of Law and Economics, 52, 111-123. (SSCI) (IF: 0.57; SSCI ranking: 67.1%,74.6%)
  • 張永健,2017,〈動產所有權善意取得之經濟分析〉,《中研院法學期刊》,第21期,頁81-153。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, 2017, “An Economic Analysis of Good-faith Purchase of Chattels”, Academia SInica Law Journal, 21: 81–153)
  • 張永健*、何漢葳、李宗憲,2017,〈或重於泰山、或輕於鴻毛—— 地方法院車禍致死案件慰撫金之實證研究〉,《政大法學評論》,第149期,頁139-219。(TSSCI)
  • 張永健*、何漢葳、李宗憲,2017,〈或重於泰山、或輕於鴻毛—— 地方法院車禍致死案件慰撫金之實證研究〉,《政大法學評論》,第149卷,頁139-219。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Yun-chien Chang, Han-Wei Ho & Tsung Hsien Li. 2017. An Empirical Study of Pain and Suffering Damages in Fatal Car-Accident Cases in Taiwan. Chengchi Law Review 149:139–219.)
  • 王必芳,2017,〈論法國行政契約的特點─從我國行政程序法行政契約章的立法設計談起〉,《臺北大學法學論叢》,第102卷,頁73-151。(TSSCI)
  • 陳淳文,2017,〈釋憲趨勢與半總統的制度韌性〉,《Taiwan Journal of political science》,第72卷,頁1-56。(TSSCI)
  • Yun-chien Chang*, Theodore Eisenberg, Tsung Hsien Li, Martin T. Wells, 2017, “Pain and Suffering Damages in Personal Injury Cases: An Empirical Study”, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 14:199-237. (SSCI) (IF: 1.528; SSCI ranking: 22.1%)
  • 蘇彥圖,2017,〈民主改革的政治:困難與策略〉,《政治與社會哲學評論》,第60卷,頁105-184。(TSSCI) (Su, Yen-Tu, 2017, “The Politics of Democratic Reform: Difficulties and Strategies”, SOCIETAS: A Journal for Philosophical Study of Political Affairs)
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