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  • Chi Chung, accepted, “The Easier Way to Have "Better Law"? The Most-Significant-Relationship Doctrine as the Fallback Conflict-of-Law Rule in the People's Republic of China”, Brazilian Journal of International Law. (Lexis)
  • Chi Chung, accepted, “The Ideas of “Rights” in the “East,” “West,” and Their Continued Evolution—A Case Study on Taxpayer’s Rights in Taiwan”, editor(s): Chang-fa Lo, Nigel Li, Tsai-yu Lin, Legal Thoughts between the East and the West in the Multilevel Legal Order - A Liber Amicorum in Honour of Professor Herbert H.P. Ma, Singapore: Springer.
  • Yueh-Sheng Weng, Chien-Liang Lee,accepted,〈Separation of the Judiciary and the Public Prosecution: The Cornerstones of Judicial Reform in Taiwan〉,Neil Chisholm編,《Judicial Reform in Taiwan: Institutionalising Democracy and the Diffusion of Law (Routledge Law in Asia)》。
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  • 吳全峰, 2016, “我國藥品資料專屬保護制度之修法趨勢與展望”, 智慧財產權月刊, 26, 29-54.
  • 何漢葳、張永健*,2016,〈法實證研究方法進階導論──固定效果、隨機效果、群聚標準誤〉,《月旦法學雜誌》,第259期,頁167-181。
  • 何漢葳、張永健*,2016,〈法實證研究方法進階導論:固定效果、隨機效果、群聚標準誤〉,《月旦法學雜誌》,第259期,頁167-181。 ([In Chinese] Han-wei Ho and Yun-chien Chang. 2016 forthcoming. A Methodological Primer for Young Empirical Legal Scholars: Fixed Effects, Random Effects, and Clustered Standard Errors. Taiwan Law Review 259.)
  • 黃舒芃,2016,《框架秩序下的國家權力(二)—公法學術論文集》,共414頁,臺北市:自版(新學林總經銷)。
  • Yun-chien Chang, 2016, “Introduction”, editor(s): Yun-chien Chang, Wei Shen, Wen-yeu Wang, Private Law in China and Taiwan: Economic and Legal Anaylses, pp. 1-10, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
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