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2016-(A)SSCI/TSSCI Journal Articles With Referees

  • 黃舒芃,2016,〈比例原則及其階層化操作:一個著眼於司法院釋憲實務發展趨勢的反思〉,《中研院法學期刊》,第19卷,頁1-52。(TSSCI)
  • Chien-Chih Lin, 2016, “Constitutions and Courts in Chinese Authoritarian Regimes: China and Pre-democratic Taiwan in Comparison”, ICON-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, 14(2), 351-377. (SSCI) (IF: 1.118; SSCI ranking: 42%)
  • 黃舒芃,2016,〈國際及區域人權公約在憲法解釋中扮演的角色〉,《臺灣民主季刊》,第13卷第1期,頁85-129。(TSSCI)
  • 張永健,2016,〈歷久彌新或不合時宜?民法不動產物權時效取得制度之實踐與革新〉,《中研院法學期刊》,第18期,頁195-266。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien. 2016. Venerable or Outdated? A Radical Proposal to Reform Prescriptive Acquisition Law in Taiwan. Academia Sinica Law Journal 18:195–266.)
  • 張永健*、陳恭平、劉育昇,2016,〈無權占有他人土地與相當於租金之不當得利:實證研究與政策建議〉,《政大法學評論》,第144期,頁81-153。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien, Kong-Pin Chen, Yu-sheng Liu. 2016 forthcoming. Unlawful Possession of Land and Unjust Enrichment Equivalent to Rent: Empirical Analysis and Policy Suggestions. Chengchi Law Review 144:81–153.)
  • 黃舒芃,2016,〈純粹法學如何看待規範與現實的關係?以司法院釋字第728號解釋之檢討為例〉,《政治與社會哲學評論》,第56卷,頁163-211。(TSSCI)
  • 張永健,2016,〈購物網站標錯價之合約糾紛與行政管制 ——經濟分析觀點〉,《政大法學評論》,第144卷,頁155-225。(TSSCI) ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien. 2016. Misquoted Prices in On-line Retailing Websites: An Economic Analysis. Chengchi Law Review 144:155–225.)
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