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2015-Conference Papers

  • Yun-chien Chang, Kong-pin Chen*, Chang-ching Lin, 2015, “Lawyer and Judge Experience in Torts Litigation: An Empirical Study”, paper presented at Economic History Seminar, Taipei, Taiwan: National Taiwan University Department of Economics, 2015-12-24.
  • Chien-Chih Lin, 2015, “Pace of Constitutional Transition Matters”, paper presented at 6th Asian Constitutional Law Forum, Singapore: National University of Singapore, 2015-12-10 ~ 2015-12-11.
  • 王泰升,2015,〈台灣對歐陸民法的繼受及其獨特性〉,發表於「The Reception of European Civil Law and Independent Development in the East Asia Legal System」,韓國:韓國民法學會、梨花女子大學法學院,2015-12-19。
  • 蘇彥圖,2015,〈司法審查作為憲政工程:結構最小主義的工法建議〉,共30頁,發表於2015年第十屆憲法解釋之理論與實務學術研討會,中央研究院人文社會科學館國際會議廳:中央研究院法律學研究所、國立台灣大學法學院、司法院,2015-12-17 ~ 2015-12-18。
  • 黃舒芃,2015,〈國際及區域人權公約在憲法解釋中扮演的角色:兼評司法院釋憲實務對國際及區域人權公約之看待與引用方式〉,發表於司法院大法官104年度學術研討會—人權公約與我國憲法解釋,臺灣、臺北市:司法院,2015-12-05。
  • 李建良,2015,〈基本權解釋方法導論〉,發表於2015第十屆憲法解釋之理論與實務學術研討會,台北:中央研究院法律學研究所,2015-12-17 ~ 2015-12-18。
  • 黃舒芃,2015,〈純粹法學如何看待規範與現實的關係?以司法院釋字第728號解釋之檢討為例〉,發表於第十屆「憲法解釋之理論與實務」學術研討會,臺灣、臺北市:中央研究院法律學研究所,2015-12-17 ~ 2015-12-18。
  • Wen-Tsong Chiou, 2015, “ Is Science the Only Thing that Matters in Food Regulation? In Search of Possible Ways to Incorporate Legitimate Cultural and Value Concerns”, paper presented at 2015 Global Health Law Workshop Global Health Law: Normative Foundations and Challenges, Taipei: IIAS, 2015-11-16.
  • Yun-chien Chang, Kong-pin Chen, Chang-ching Lin*, 2015, “Lawyer and Judge Experience in Torts Litigation: An Empirical Study”, paper presented at 法實證研究演講系列, 臺北: 中央研究院人社中心, 2015-11-06.
  • Wen-Tsong Chiou, 2015, “The Big Data Rush and Its Discontent in Taiwan”, paper presented at Big Data and Privacy Workshop, Academic Conference Room, 11/F, Cheng Yu Tung Tower, The Univers: Law and Technology Centre, University of Hong Kong, 2015-11-30.
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