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2015-(D)Journal Articles Without Referees

  • 簡資修,2015,〈寇斯定理與私法自治〉,《月旦民商法雜誌》,第49期,頁78-88。
  • 許家馨, 2015, “應報、憐憫與死刑:回應三篇評論文”, 中研院法學期刊, 17期,頁403-422. (TSSCI)
  • 簡資修,2015,〈醫療責任的契約性質〉,《月旦裁判時報》,第39期,頁16-20。
  • Yun-chien Chang*, Richard A. Epstein, 2015, “Introduction to Spontaneous Order and Emergence of New Systems of Property”, IOWA LAW REVIEW, 100, 2249-2254. (SSCI) (IF: 1.087; SSCI ranking: 46%)
  • Yun-chien Chang*, Henry Smith, 2015, “The Numerus Clausus Principle, Property Customs, and the Emergence of New Property Forms”, IOWA LAW REVIEW, 100, 2275-2308. (SSCI) (IF: 1.087; SSCI ranking: 46%)
  • Yun-chien Chang, 2015, “Optional Law in Property: Theoretical Critiques and a New View of the Cathedral”, New York University Journal of Law and Liberty, 9(2), 459–512. (Westlaw/Lexis)
  • 黃舒芃,2015,〈「沒有什麼比一個好理論更加實用」〉,《人文與社會科學簡訊》,第16卷第3期,頁122-125。
  • 李建良,2015,〈永續發展與正當程序—環評法制二十年的廿項法治課題:序篇〉,《月旦法學雜誌》,第240期,頁221-247。
  • 張永健,2015,〈物權的架構與風格 ──以不動產與動產抵押為例〉,《月旦法學雜誌》,第241期,頁77-87。 ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien. 2015. Structure and Style of Property Law: The Case of Mortgage and Chattel Mortgage. Taiwan Law Review 241: 77-87.)
  • Shun-Ling Chen, 2015, “Exposing Professionalism in United States Copyright Law: The Disenfranchised Lay Public in a Semiotic Democracy”, University of San Francisco Law Review, 49(1), 57-121.
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