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2013-(B)Other Journal Articles With Referees

  • Brian Christopher Jones, 2013, “SCOTUS Short Title Turmoil: Time for a Congressional Bill Naming Authority”, Yale Law & Policy Review Inter Alia, 32(1), 25-33.
  • Tay-sheng Wang, 2013, “The Modernization of Civil Justice in Colonial Taiwan, 1895-1945”, Journal of Japanese Law, NO36,95-116.
  • Tay-sheng Wang, 2013, ““The Modernization of Civil Justice in Colonial Taiwan, 1895-1945” ”, Zeitschrift für Japanisches Recht /Journal of Japanese Law, Nr./No. 36, pp. 95-116.
  • 劉孔中,2013,〈著作權法修法原則之比較研究〉,《智慧財產評論》,第11卷第2期,頁1-57。
  • 張永健,2013,〈芝大法律經濟學與中國物權法:方法論的展現與辨正〉,《法律與社會科學》,第12卷,頁1-18。(CSSCI集刊) ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien. 2013. Chicago Law and Economics and China’s Property Law: A Methodological Primer. Law and Social Sciences 12:1–18.)
  • 張永健,2013,〈訴願制度運作成效之實證評估架構——以臺灣內政部2006–2009年訴願案件為例〉,《北大法律評論》,第14卷第2輯,頁344-388。(CSSCI集刊) ([In Chinese] Chang, Yun-chien. 2014. An Empirical Assessment Framework of Administrative Appeal Systems: With a Case Study of the Ministry of the Interior Administrative Appeal Cases in 2006–2009. Peking University Law Review 14(2): 344–388.)
  • Brian Christopher Jones, 2013, “Plain Language Prospects in American Public Law: Insiders Weigh In”, American University Modern American, 9, 15-28.
  • Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu, 2013, “What Would Happen To the Actual Malice Doctrine in a Severely Polarized Democracy?—The Case of Taiwan”, Opinio Juris In Comparatione, 2013-Vol. I, n. I, 1-49.
  • Shu-Perng Hwang, 2013, “Dynamische Integration als pluralistische Freiheitsordnung? Zur Problematik des materiellen Grundrechts- und Demokratieverständnisses der nachkriegszeitlichen Smend-Schule”, Rechtstheorie, 44(3), 341-370.
  • 廖福特,2013,〈大英國協與國際法〉,《台灣國際法季刊》,第10卷第3期,頁7-30。
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