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2010-(A+B+C) Subtotal for Publications With Referees

  • Kuo-Chang Huang*, Kong-Pin Chen, Chang-Ching Lin, 2010, “An Empirical Investigation of Settlement and Litigation—The Case of Taiwanese Labor Disputes”, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 7(4), 786-810. (SSCI) (IF: 1.491; SSCI ranking: 26%)
  • Chwen-Wen CHEN, 2010, “Les contrats publics en Taiwan”, editor(s): R. Noguellou & U. Stelken, Droit conmpare des Contrats Publics, pp. 929-949, Bruxelles: Bruylant.
  • Kung-Chung Liu, 2010, “The Taiwanese "Philips" CD-R Cases: Abuses of a Monopolistic Position, Cartel and Compulsory Patent Licensing”, editor(s): Christopher Heath, Anselm Sanders, Landmark Intellectual Property Cases and Their Legacy, pp. 83-104, United States of America: Aspen Pub.
  • 廖福特,2010,〈不受酷刑作為權利—以國際標準建構我國憲法規範及內涵〉,黃舒芃編,《憲法解釋之理論與實務第七輯》,頁441-481,台北:中央研究院法律學研究所籌備處。 (Fort Fu-Te Liao, “Not To Be Subjected to Torture as a Right,” in Shu-Perng Hwang (ed.), Theory and Practice of Constitutional Interpretation Seventh Volume (Institute of Law, Academia Sinica, Taiwan, 2011), pp. 441-481.)
  • 黃國昌,2010,〈假扣押之原因──以最高法院兩個裁定背後的故事為例〉,《全國律師》,第14卷第12期,頁34-44。
  • 黃國昌,2010,〈占有物返還請求之當事人恆定與當事人追加-以最高法院九十四年度台抗字第八二八號裁定為楔〉,陳計男教授七秩華誕祝賀論文集編輯委員會編,《訴訟理論新思潮與實務──陳計男教授七秩華誕祝賀論文集》,頁65-100,臺北:元照出版。
  • 劉孔中、賀陳冉,2010,〈檢討中小學與公立圖書館數據通訊接取普及服務〉,《法令月刊》,第61卷第12期,頁100-114。
  • 陳淳文,2010,〈民主共和與國民主權:評司法院大法官釋字第645號解釋〉,黃舒芃編,《憲法解釋之理論與實務第七輯下冊》,頁325-382,台北:中研院法律所。
  • 黃舒芃,2010,〈立法者對社會福利政策的形成自由及其界限:以釋字第649號解釋為例〉,黃舒芃編,《「憲法解釋之理論與實務」第七輯(上冊)》,頁137-191,臺北市:中央研究院法律學研究所籌備處。
  • 廖福特,2010,〈菲律賓人權委員會-人民力量之興起與失落〉,《台灣國際法季刊》,7(4),163-232。 (Fort Fu-Te Liao, “Human Rights Commission of the Philippines – Rising and Fall of People’s Power,” Taiwan International Law Quarterly, vol. 7. No. 4, December 2010, pp. 163-232.)
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