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2005-(A+B+C) Subtotal for Publications With Referees

  • Chi Chung, 2005, “An Exploration of the Logic of Third Place in the Law between China and Taiwan”, Chinese (Taiwan) Yearbook of International Law and Affairs, 23, 49.
  • Kung-Chung Liu, 2005, “ Interface between IP and Competition Law in Taiwan”, The Journal of World Intellectual Property, 8(6), 735-760. (The Index of Foreign Legal Pe.)
  • Kung-Chung Liu, 2005, “Of the Latest and Future Taiwanese IP Pilgrimage After Acceding Into the WTO”, Tsing Hua Journal of Law and technology Policy, 2(3), 5-44.
  • 湯德宗,2005,〈憲法解釋與訴訟權保障--以公務員保障與懲戒為中心〉,湯德宗編,《司法院大法官九十三年度學術研討會--憲法解釋與訴訟權之保障》,頁313-354,台北:司法院。
  • 陳新民,2005,〈社會主義法治國之概念──由越南及東德的經驗談起(下)〉,《軍法專刊》,第51卷第9期,頁1-14。
  • 陳新民,2005,〈社會主義法治國之概念──由越南及東德的經驗談起(上)〉,《軍法專刊》,第51卷第8期,頁1-12。
  • 簡資修,2005,命令管制非侵權責任之本質──回應〈過失責任標準經濟分析之再省思〉,《經濟研究》,第41卷第2期,頁191-206。(TSSCI)
  • 廖福特, 2005, “When the Charter becomes part of the EU Constitution Treaty - A New EU Human Rights Framework”, 56 Taipei University Law Review, 1-40.
  • 王鵬翔,2005,〈論涵攝的邏輯結構─兼評Larenz的類型理論〉,《成大法學》,第9期,頁1-45。
  • 黃國昌,2005,〈階段的舉證責任論──統合實體法政策下之裁判規範與訴訟法觀點下之行為規範〉,《東海法學研究》,第22期,頁217-306。(TSSCI)
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