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Refereed Anthology

Jurisprudence and Social Change 2008

Jurisprudence and Social Change 2008

Sort:Jurisprudence and Social Transformation
Editor-in-Chief:Peng-Hsiang Wang
Publication Date:2008-12

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:i-iv
Truth in Law. Reflections on the Function and Legitimacy of the One Right Answer-Thesis
by Lorenz SchulzFull text(eBook)Page:1-11
From Normative Gap to Normative BeingA Study of the Practical Descrpition in Legal Reasoning
by Chueh-An YenPage:13-44
Legality and IntegrityA Critical Reflection on Ronald Dworkin’s Conception of the Rule of Law
by Shih-Tung ChuangPage:45-84
An Analysis of the System Theoretical Reflections on Legal Globalization
by Chia-Yin ChangPage:85-139
Blank Spaces, Las Meninas, Before the LawA Legal Iconological Rethinking on Self and Others
by Yu-Lin ChiangPage:141-173
Resisting AmnesiaA Plea for Feminist Legal History
by Chao-Ju ChenPage:175-213
Anthropological Criticisms of LawA Case Study of Foreign Spouses in Taiwan
by Shu-Chin Grace KuoPage:215-254
Revolution/Counter-revolutionKMT’s Legal Discourse during the Nanjing National Government Era
by Heng-Wen LiuPage:255-304
“Right Law”or“Framework Order”?A Methodological Reflection on the Binding Power of Law in Context of Judicial Decision-making
by Shu-Perng HwangPage:305-343
Are Rules Exclusionary Reasons in Legal Reasoning?
by Peng-Hsiang WangPage:345-386