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Refereed Anthology

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol. 6 Part l

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol. 6 Part l

Sort:Constitutional Structure and Human Rights
Editor-in-Chief:Fort Fu-Te Liao
Publication Date:2009-07

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:i-iv
Guardian of Constitution: Introspection and Anticipation (Keynote Address)
by Yueh-Sheng WENGPage:1-169
Appendix II
by Yueh-Sheng WENGPage:147-166
Appendix III
by Yueh-Sheng WENGPage:167-169
Constitutional Interpretation and Constitutional Theory
by Mark TushnetFull text(eBook)Page:171-190
The Role of Value-Based Argumentation in Constitutional Interpretation: Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 617 as Case in Point
by Shu-Perng HWANGPage:191-221
The Convergence of Constitutions and International Human Rights Law: On the Practice of Taiwan's Constitutional Interpretations
by Wen-Chen CHANGPage:223-272
Constitutional Interpretation Mechanism's International Human Rights Challenges
by Fort Fu-Te LIAOPage:273-325
The Subjectivization of the Objective Content of “Grundrecht”: Perspectives from the Institution of Constitutional Protection and the Institutional Protection Functions of “Grundrecht”
by Ming-Shiou CHERNGPage:327-363