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Refereed Anthology

Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies 2008

Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies 2008

Sort:Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies
Editor-in-Chief:Pi-Fang Wang
Publication Date:2009-11

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:i-iv
From Judicial Relief to Regulatory ContextAnalyzing the Cross-over Controversies between Administrative Adjudications and Contracts
by Jiunn-Rong YehPage:1-33
An Analysis of “Handlungseinheit” in Administrative Penalty Law
by Ming-Hsin LinPage:35-125
Debtor ' s Objection against the EnforcementComment on the Resolution of the Joint Meeting of theSupreme Administrative Court Held in May 2008
by Chien-Liang LeePage:127-166
Modification of Tax Assessment and Protection of Legitimate ExpectationComment on the Judgment No. 891, 2002 of Kaohsiung High Administrative Court
by Tzu-Lung ShengPage:167-215
On the Legal Protection by the Determination of Private Preexisting Road
by Tung-Jui ChangPage:217-268
An Analysis of the Articles 83 and 84 in Administrative Appeal Act from the Perspective of French Law
by Chin-Wen WuPage:269-333
The Subject Matters and Binding Force of a LawsuitA Study on the Resolution of the Third Joint Meeting of theSupremeAdministrative Court Made in December 2008
by Chien-Hung LiuPage:335-380