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Refereed Anthology

Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies 2006

Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies 2006

Sort:Administrative Regulation and Judicial Remedies
Editor-in-Chief:Dennis T. C. Tang, Chien-Liang Lee
Publication Date:2007-10

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangPage:i-iv
The Withdrawal of Illegal Beneficial Administrative Act and the Principle of Legitimate Expectation
by Chwen-Wen ChenFull text(eBook)Page:1-45
Conversion of Administrative Act and Administrative LitigationWith Comment on Judgement S.T. No. 3480 (Taipei H. Ad. Ct., 2002) & Judgement P.T. No. 257 (Sup. Ad. Ct., 2005)
by Tzu-Lung ShengFull text(eBook)Page:47-99
On the Polluter of the Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation ActAnalysis of the Remediation Responsibility in the Soi Contamination Case Caused by An-Shin Plant of Taiwan Alkali Manufacturer Ltd. and the Related Decisions of the Administrative Court
by Chien-Liang LeeFull text(eBook)Page:101-158
The Participation of Another Administrative Authority on the Legal Relation of an Administrative Contract and Its Administrative RemediesWith Focus on the Contract of Developing the LaborResidence Community
by Chia-Chi ChiangFull text(eBook)Page:159-187
The Jurisdiction Transfer among Administrative AgenciesWith Focus on Its Influences on Administrative Function and Administrative Litigation
by Chen-Jung ChanFull text(eBook)Page:189-247
On State Liability for Pollution from a Public-Owned EnterpriseWith Focus on the Soil Contamination Case Caused byAn-Shin Plant of Taiwan Alkali Manufacturer Ltd.
by Chien-Liang LeeFull text(eBook)Page:249-310
Administrative Discretion and Judicial ReviewComment on the Supreme Administrative Court’s Decision on the ETC Case
by Giin-Tarng HwangFull text(eBook)Page:311-373
A Critical Review of Freedom-of-Information and Information-Privacy Cases up to 2006
by Dennis T. C. TangFull text(eBook)Page:375-445