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Refereed Anthology

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol.7 Part Il

Constitutional Interpretation: Theory and Practice Vol.7 Part Il

Sort:Constitutional Structure and Human Rights
Editor-in-Chief:Shu-Perng Hwang
Publication Date:2010-12

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:i-iv
Democratic Republic and the Sovereignty of PeopleA Commentary on The Judicial Yuan’s Interpretation No. 645
by Chwen-Wen ChenFull text(eBook)Page:325-382
Constructing the Functions of Fundamental Rights for Categorizing the Judicial Yuan InterpretationsFocus on Education-Related Fundamental Rights
by Yue-Dian HsuFull text(eBook)Page:383-439
Not to Be Subjected to Torture As A RightConstructing Taiwan’s Constitutional Rules by Referring to International Standards
by Fort Fu-Te LiaoFull text(eBook)Page:441-481
Transnational Constitutional DialoguesAn Empirical Study on Foreign Law Citations by the Constitutional Court of Taiwan
by Wen-Chen CHANGFull text(eBook)Page:483-517
Habeas Corpus and the Detention of Foreigners in the Removal Process
by Chao-Chun LinFull text(eBook)Page:519-575