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Refereed Anthology

Empirical Studies of Judicial Systems 2008

Empirical Studies of Judicial Systems 2008

Sort:Comparative Study of Judiciary System, Empirical Study of Judicial Behavior, and Legislative Studies
Editor-in-Chief:Kuo-Chang Huang
Publication Date:2009-08

Table of Contents

by Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:i-v
Summary Judgment Rates Over Time, Across Case Categories, and Across DistrictsAn Empirical Study of Three Large Federal Districts
by Theodore Eisenberg & Charlotte LanversFull text(eBook)Page:1-34
Litigation Realities Renewed
by Kevin M. ClermontFull text(eBook)Page:35-104
What Difference Do Juries Make?
by Valerie P. HansFull text(eBook)Page:105-148
The Politicization of the Kelsenian Constitutional CourtsEmpirical Evidence
by Nuno GaroupaFull text(eBook)Page:149-195
Sex Bias in the Japanese Courts
by J. Mark RamseyerFull text(eBook)Page:197-218
Understanding Advice Seeking BehaviourFindings from New Zealand and England and Wales
by Pascoe Pleasence & Nigel J. BalmerFull text(eBook)Page:219-259
Japanese Disputing Behavior Reconsidered
by Masayuki MurayamaFull text(eBook)Page:261-298
What Drives the Passage of Damage Caps?
by Jonathan Klick & Catherine M. SharkeyFull text(eBook)Page:299-330
Commercial Surety Bail and the Problem of Missed Court Appearances and Pretrial Detention
by Thomas H. CohenFull text(eBook)Page:331-390
Preliminary Investigation of Taiwan’s Trial CultureThe Example of Courts Issuing Protective Order in Domestic Violence Cases
by Hsiao-Tan WangPage:391-446
Evaluation of Reform Proposal for Criminal Appeals SystemAn Empirical Approach
by Kuo-Chang HuangPage:447-495