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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.17

Issue No.17

Editor-in-Chief:Tzu-Yi Lin
Executive Editor:Pi-Fang Wang
Co-Editors:Yen-Tu Su, Tzung-Mou Wu
Publication Date:2015-09

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note
by Tzu-Yi LinFull text in Chinese(PDF)


The Road Towards a Sustainable Legal Order:In Search of the Rule of Law Ideal for “One Country, Two Systems” in Macau within Post-Colonial Hybridity
by Io-Cheng TongFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:1-80Stable URL:
The Development of Abstract Review Regarding the Constitutionality of Statutes:Inspirations from France’s Constitutional Reforms of 2008
by Chwen-Wen ChenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:81-129Stable URL:
Civil Disobedience from the View of Criminal Law
by Chih-Jen HsuehFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:131-204Stable URL:
The Normative Significance of the Empirical DimensionsOn the Role of Empirical Studies in the Doctrinal Study of Law
by Peng-Hsiang Wang & Yun-Chien ChangFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:205-294Stable URL:


Retribution, Death Penalty and Punitive Attitudes
by Mau-Sheng LeeFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:295-311Stable URL:
“People Seek to Return Evil by Evil, Since Otherwise They Feel Like Slave”
by Chia-Ming ChenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:313-333Stable URL:
No More Tinkering with the Machinery of Death:A Comment on Two Articles by Hsu and Hsieh
by Chueh-An YenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:335-368Stable URL:
Becoming an Inclusive Society?:Reply to Three Comments
by Yu-Wei HsiehFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:369-402Stable URL:
Retribution, Mercy and Capital Punishment:Reply to Three Comments
by Jimmy Chia-Shin HsuFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:403-422Stable URL:

Comments & Notes

The Admissibility of Pattern and Impression Evidence
by Mong-Hwa Chin & Yu-Ning ChenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:423-476Stable URL: