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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.22

Issue No.22

Editor-in-Chief:Tzu-Yi Lin
Executive Editor:Fort Fu-Te Liao
Co-Editors:Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu, Chien-Chih Lin
Publication Date:2018-03

Table of Contents

In Memoriam: Justice Geng Wu
by Yueh-Sheng Weng, Dennis Te-Chung Tang, Chueh-An Yen, Chwen-Wen Chen, Tzu-Yi LinFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:i-xxvii Stable URL:


Judicial Review as Constitutional EngineeringA Structural Minimalist Approach
by Yen-Tu SuFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:1-76Stable URL:
An Analysis of the Tactics in the European Court of Human Rights’ Jurisprudence on Same-Sex RelationshipsFlexibility, Limits, and Perspectives
by Vivianne Yen-Ching WengFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:77-141Stable URL:
The Infringement of the Right to Trial within a Reasonable Time and Its RemedyOn State Liability for the Excessive Length of Civil Proceedings
by Wei-Yu ChenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:143-202Stable URL:
Functions of the Proportionality Principle in Japanese Administrative Law
by Narufumi KadomatsuFull text(PDF)Page:203-242Stable URL:
Retribution and the Limits of Justice: Religious and Ethical Reflections on Capital Punishment
by John D. CarlsonFull text(PDF)Page:43-296Stable URL: