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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.19

Issue No.19

Editor-in-Chief:Tzu-Yi Lin
Executive Editor:Cheng-Yi Huang
Co-Editors:Peng-Hsiang Wang, Shun-Ling Chen
Publication Date:2016-09

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note
by Tzu-Yi LinFull text in Chinese(PDF)


The Principle of Proportionality in the Trend of “Hierarchicalization”Critical Remarks on the Current Developments in Constitutional Review
by Shu-Perng HwangFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:1-52Stable URL:

Symposium: Comparative Administrative Law in Asia

Introducing the Precautionary Principle into Administrative LawFacing the Challenges to the Rule of Law
by Jin ZiningFull text(PDF)Page:53-97Stable URL:
An Unprincipled Principle?A Comparative Study on the Application of the Principle of Proportionality in Environmental Cases in Taiwan and the EU
by Chun-Yuan LinFull text(PDF)Page:99-158Stable URL:


De-politicizing Civil DisobedienceQuestions for Chih-Jen Hsueh’s “Civil Disobedience from the View of Criminal Law
by Chia-Wen LeeFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:159-165Stable URL:
Taking off the Noble Coat Named as Civil DisobedienceA Comment on “Civil Disobedience from the View of Criminal Law”
by Yun-Tsai ChenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:167-181Stable URL:
Normality and Anomaly in the Legal SystemExploring the Legal Meanings of the Sunflower Movement
by Chia-Yin ChangFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:183-202Stable URL:
A Free Speech Analysis of Civil DisobedienceReviewing Chih-Jen Hsueh’s “Civil Disobedience from the View of Criminal Law”
by Bruce Yuan-Hao LiaoFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:203-228Stable URL:
Criminal Law, Fundamental Rights and Civil Disobedience
by Chih-Jen HsuehFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:229-251Stable URL:


Is the Power of Human Rights Still Influential?A Reflection on the Spiral Model and Norm Socialization
by Yung-Ming YenFull text in Chinese(PDF)Page:253-283Stable URL: