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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.1

Issue No.1

Editor-in-Chief:Dennis Te-Chung Tang
Executive Editor:Chien-Liang Lee
Co-Editors:Peng-Hsiang Wang & Kuo-Chang Huang
Publication Date:2007-09

Table of Contents

Can Numbers Talk?The Status of Fact in Constitutional Review in Light of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 584
by Shu-Perng HwangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:1-43
How Legal Representation Affects Case Outcomes An Empirical Perspective from Taiwan
by Kuo-Chang HuangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:45-104
The Initial Encounter with Western-style Courts of Ch’ing and Republican China A Discussion on the Institutions and Establishment of Courts
by Tay-Sheng WangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:105-162
Economic Rationality under Uncertainty A Study of the SARS Crisis and Individual Acts
by Chun-Sin Hwang & Zhuangzhi FangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:163-189
An Economic Analysis of Intentional Torts A Critique of Landes & Posner Model
by Tze-Shiou ChienAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:191-212
Decision-Making Rules in Condominium Management A Legal and Economic Analysis
by Ming-Hsun Tseng, Chien-Wen Peng & Hsin-Jou LinAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:213-251