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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.12

Issue No.12

Editor-in-Chief:Tzu-Yi Lin
Executive Editor:Shu-Perng Hwang
Co-Editors:Cheng-Yi Huang, Jimmy Chia-Shin Hsu
Publication Date:2013-03

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note
by Tzu-Yi LinFull text in Chinese(PDF)

Symposium: Law and Economic Analysis

Keynote Address: Contract versus Property Remedies
by Omri Ben-ShaharFull text(PDF)Full text(eBook)Page:1-29Stable URL:
Keynote Address: Property in Housing
by Lee Anne FennellFull text(PDF)Full text(eBook)Page:31-78Stable URL:
Enterprise Risk Management and a Director’s Duty to MonitorAn Economic Perspective
by Chang-Hsien TsaiAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(PDF)Page:79-152Stable URL:
An Economic Analysis of Boundary Encroachment Law in Taiwan
by Yun-Chien ChangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(PDF)Page:153-201Stable URL:


The Formal Rationality of the Constitutional Norms and Its Value in the Perspective of the Limited Models of the Fundamental Rights
by Hong ZhaoAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:203-261Stable URL:
Theoretical Basis, Legal Characteristics and Legal Effect of the Statute of Limitations in the Criminal Justice System
by Chih-Jen HsuehAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(PDF)Page:263-324Stable URL:

Comments & Notes

The Separation of Powers in the Constitutional Structure and Party Politics in Taiwan
by Chun-Yuan LinAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(PDF)Page:325-370Stable URL: