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Academia Sinica Law Journal

Issue No.7

Issue No.7

Editor-in-Chief:Dennis Te-Chung Tang
Executive Editor:Wen-Tsong Chiou
Co-Editors:Chuan-Feng Wu & Chi Chung
Publication Date:2010-09

Table of Contents

Auslegung und Sicherung der Grundrechte in Deutschland
by Christian StarckFull text(eBook)Page:1-40
A Dialogue Between Shimpei Gotoh and Michel FoucaultA Reflection on the Politics of Police in Taiwan Under the Early Japanese Colonial Rule
by Yu-Lin ChiangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:41-79
A Feminist Critique of History and Traditions in Judicial Review
by Chao-Ju ChenAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:81-140
Against the Incorporation Thesis
by Peng-Hsiang WangAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:141-208
An Empirical Study of Informal Labor Mediation in TaiwanThe Comparison between Governmental Mediation and Organizational Mediation
by Kuo-Chang Huang, Chang-Ching Lin & Kong-Pin ChenAbstract(eBook)Full text in Chinese(eBook)Page:209-267