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Collected Works

Cross-Strait, Four-Region Law Developments in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau Volume Two 2010

Cross-Strait, Four-Region Law Developments in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Macau Volume Two 2010

Editor-in-Chief:Dennis T. C. Tang & Chi Chung
Publication Date:2011-09

Table of Contents

[Table of Contents]

by Dennis Te-Chung TangPage:i-ix

[Continuing Professional Education]

Continuing Professional Education for LawyersThe Case of Hong Kong
by Bronwyn L. Davies & Simon T. M. NgFull text(eBook)Page:693-730
Revelations of the Vocational Education for Lawers in Hong Kong: Comments on “Continuing Professional Education for Lawyers: The Case of Hong Kong” by Bronwyn L. Davies & Simon T. M. Ng
by Yue-Xing ZengPage:731-736
Comment: Division, Management, and EnterpriseThree Aspects of Continuing Education of the Legal Profession in Hong Kong – Commentary to the Davies & Ng Paper
by Pui-Yin LoPage:737-742
Look into the Future of the Training of Macau Jurist
by Teng-Pio LauFull text(eBook)Page:743-759
Comment: Challenges to Bi-Lingual Legal JurisdictionsSimilarities and Differences Between Macau and Hong Kong
by Wilson Wai-Shun ChowPage:761-763
Comment: Thoughts on the Cultivation of Local Legal Elite in Macau
by Guo-Qiang ZhaoPage:765-769
The Development and Perspective of Continuing Legal Education in Taiwan
by Immanuel Cheng-Hsien HsuFull text(eBook)Page:771-842
The Status and Outlook of Continuing Judicial Education in Taiwan
by Kuo-Chang Huang & Dennis Te-Chung TangFull text(eBook)Page:843-895
Comment: The Experience and Consideration on Continuing Education for Lawyers in Taiwan
by Jian MiPage:897-905
Comment: Continuing Legal Education
by Wen-Luan HuangPage:907-921
Probe on the Model of Education for Prosecutors on China’s Mainland
by Li LiFull text(eBook)Page:923-938
Retrospect and Prospect of Mainland Judges’ Training
by Jun-Yin JinFull text(eBook)Page:939-959
Comment: A Brief Comment on the Model of Educational System for Judges & Prosecutors in China MainlandA Comparative Perspective
by Huei-Huang LinPage:961-971
Comment: Reflection on the Current Situation and Future Development of the Judicial Professional Education in ChinaA Brief Comment on the Articles of Two Speakers
by Zhong-Mei LuPage:973-978

[Legal Education for the General Public]

Law-Related Education of Community in Macau
by Yun-Qiao ShenFull text(eBook)Page:979-1004
Comments on “Law-Related Education of Community in Macau”
by Yiu-Lung ChenPage:1005-1008
Comments on “Law-Related Education of Community in Macau”
by Tong-Peng SunPage:1009-1012
The Implementation and Review of the “Rule of Law Education” in Taiwan’s Elementary Schools and High Schools
by Yue-Dian HsuFull text(eBook)Page:1013-1042
Growing Legal Consciousness in a Civil SocietyCases of Organic Agriculture and Urban Environmental Movement in Taiwan
by Cheng-Yi HuangPage:1043-1089
Comments on the Article and Speech Delivered by Professor Yue-Dian Hsu
by Xiang-De JiPage:1091-1098
Comments on “Growing Legal Consciousness in a Civil Society: Cases of Organic Agriculture and Urban Environmental Movement in Taiwan”
by Ming-Cheng TsaiFull text(eBook)Page:1099-1101
National Legal PopularizationLegal Education or Education By Law? The Assessment and Contemplation of the Movement of Legal Popularization in Mainland China
by Hong WangFull text(eBook)Page:1103-1131
The Legal Education in the Grade School and High School in PRCActuality, Problem, and Development
by Jing-Bo WangFull text(eBook)Page:1133-1156
Comment: The Dilemma of “Popular Legal Education”?
by Hua-Ling FuPage:1157-1159
Comment: Education of Law in Form and Essence: A Review of Two Essays on “Popular Legal Education”
by Zhi-Peng HePage:1161-1165
The Rule-of-Law Education in Hong Kong
by Simon Tat-Ming NgFull text(eBook)Page:1167-1193
Comments on “The Rule-of-Law Education in Hong Kong”
by Yu WangPage:1195-1199
Comment: Rule of Law, Rule of Law Culture, and Rule of Law Education
by Benny Y. T. TaiPage:1201-1209
The Education of Civil Servants on Law-governingMacro-Background, Basic Practice and the Method of Consummating It in Chinese Mainland
by Yu-Chuan MoFull text(eBook)Page:1211-1240
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